I’m a gal that LOVES a good routine. Routines can give you something to look forward to every day, and the perfect amount of structure in your life. Without a routine I can find myself feeling lazy and unmotivated. I finally found the PERFECT night routine that leaves me feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready for bed.

Sprinkle over top for a delicious pop of flavor.
Buddha bowl: bed of spinach, brown rice, black beans. corn, sautéed broccoli and peppers, avocado, topped with red hot.

I have recently made a lifestyle change by following food combining. I’m not going to get too into detail here, but basically it is combining certain foods that digest well together to increase digestion and decrease bloating (which I have always struggled with). One of my favorite meals that follows FC is a buddha bowl. I have this for dinner almost every night because it’s THAT good. I feel amazing after eating this and it starts off my night routine in a healthy way.

Trader Joe’s Lemon and Ginger Juice
Seltzer Water
Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Sunflower Buttercups

The next part of my night routine is my favorite. Like most people, after dinner I always need something sweet. Instead of restricting myself (which usually leads to binging later), I allow myself to have one sunflower seed buttercup. The package comes with two and if it’s one of those nights, I’ll have both. These are a healthier alternative to other chocolates and I can have them without feeling guilty. Next, I’ll have the lemon and ginger water. This drink is STRONG but I find that it helps with digestion so much after a meal, and I don’t mind the taste since I love ginger. I use this drink to kind of cleanse my palette and let my body know I’m done eating for the night.

After the eating portion of my night routine is complete, I use this time for relaxing. I’ve been really into TV lately which is weird for me. I’ve been loving the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Grey’s Anatomy, American Idol, and the Bachelorette. That covers TV on most nights of the week, but on the other nights I’ll use this time to watch YouTube, edit videos, clean my room, or get some other work done.

Trader Joe’s Ginger Turmeric
Herbal Tea
Trader Joe’s Well
Rested Herbal Tea

To get me relaxed and out of ‘work mode’ I make myself a tea. Both of these teas are caffeine free and perfect for bedtime. Recently I prefer the Ginger Turmeric Tea because it helps with digestion and bloating. Tea before bed is also a great way to get a little extra water in before bed if you haven’t reached your water goal for the day.

Caudalie Vinoperfect
Cetaphil Cleanser for
Normal to Oily Skin
Laneige Lip
Sleeping Mask
It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye
Eye Cream

While I wait for my tea to cool, I remove my makeup and begin my skincare routine. I’m still young but a great skincare routine is very important to me so that my skin can stay young for as long as possible. To remove makeup I usually just use my cleanser because I find that works best for me. I have tried so many cleansers, and nothing has topped Cetaphil yet. I have combination, acne prone skin and it’s hard finding a cleanser that doesn’t make me breakout. To moisturize my skin I use my HOLY GRAIL product which is the Caudalie Serum. It is lightweight yet so moisturizing and I think the grape seed oil in it actually helps to keep my skin clear. Next is eye cream because nothing feels better than a moisturized under eye. After drinking my tea and brushing my teeth, it’s time for lips. This is the last thing I do before crawling into bed, which is why I keep it on my night stand. I do this last just because theres nothing worse than applying your lip mask and then wanting a drink of water or realizing that you forgot to brush your teeth. This lip mask is AMAZING and will keep your lips moisturized all throughout the day.

What are your skincare must-haves? I’d love to hear!


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