Cleaning Jewelry at Home

I was never on top of cleaning my jewelry, I always thought it would take too much time and show little to no difference. I have my every day jewelry that I basically never take off, and sometimes I would even leave it on for the occasional spray tan. I realized I should take it off once it was too late and the spray tan had already started, oops. Let’s face it, sometimes jewelry is just too difficult to take on and off all the time.

When I discovered Simple Shine, I was still a bit skeptical. I thought the little difference wouldn’t be worth the clasping and unclasping of my necklaces and bracelets.

I tested this product on an old sterling silver necklace that I never wear anymore, because it was SO tarnished. I figured if Simple Shine could make this necklace look new, it could handle anything.

I was right, the cleanser and the polishing cloth worked their magic. I decided to go through the horrendous unclasping phase to clean all of my every day jewelry as well. They never looked dirty to me, as they weren’t noticeably tarnished like the photo above. I decided after that spray tan, they could probably use a good cleanse anyways.

I put a few pieces in the All Natural Cleanser, and a few in the Gentle Cleanser. The cleaning process was just like the name says, simple. It comes with a small brush to get in all of the hard to reach places, which was something I always struggled with. All you have to do is soak the jewelry for 2-5 minutes (that’s it!!!) and use the brush or polishing cloth when needed. I was AMAZED at the outcome of both cleansers. As I mentioned, I never thought they were ‘dirty’ or ‘dull’ but the outcome made me think otherwise. All of the pieces came out looking brand new, sparkly as ever. I’m embarrassed that I ever even walked around wearing such dull jewelry, with all of the potential it had. You can now see my necklace and earrings sparkling from across town.

Simple Shine products really changed everything for me. I now look forward to cleaning my jewelry, when I used to dread it so much. It makes me so excited to see my jewelry transform back to its fullest potential every single time.

I’ve let all of my family members test out these products and they were just as impressed, and even went on to purchase their own! If you’re interested in the complete kit, shop here: or the natural kit, shop here:

with love,

watch me test the product on my YouTube channel!! ↓↓↓

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