how to start journaling

You could say I’m kind of an *expert* when it comes to journaling because that has always been my preferred method to organize my thoughts. Whenever I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, it feels like my body is telling me to go write about it. The more time I spent journaling, the more I realized how great it made me feel so I eventually decided to branch out and try different methods. It always varies depending on the day I’ve had, pretty much.

Getting Started

step 1: Buy a nice journal that will motivate you to want to fill it up. Make sure to also consider functionality and not just aesthetic. I made this mistake and bought a really really cute journal, but it’s small and the lines are even smaller so it’s hard to make my handwriting look decent (ugh)

step 2: Write down literally whatever is on your mind. You can set aside just 5-10 minutes a day to start out. Test the waters and see what you enjoy writing about.

That’s it. Congrats, you have started journaling!

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What to Write About

Like I said earlier, ‘literally whatever’. It’s that easy. I think all journaling methods are great for your wellbeing, regardless of how deep or intellectual you may want them to be. The best place to start is using it like a diary, don’t cringe.

Diary Entries

It’s okay to take the classic route and just write about your day.

  • what did you do today?
  • are you stressed/upset about anything?
  • what’s something that made you happy today?

This may seem so simple, but it will get you into the habit of reflecting and being more mindful. While you write about your day, you may notice something you really enjoyed about it, didn’t enjoy, or should’ve done differently. And that is where the growth happens. From a simple entry about your day.

Self Reflection

Now when you realize something you didn’t enjoy about your day, in future entries you can elaborate on that.

  • Why didn’t you like it?
  • Are you willing to try again?
  • Was something else bothering you?

This method really helps you get to know yourself. You’ll learn what lifts your mood when you’re upset, and even what you might look for in a future partner or friendship.

Gratitude List

My outlook on life has drastically changed since I started making gratitude lists. There are so many tiny things we fly by throughout the day without being mindful or grateful. When in reality, they spark joy in us that we don’t even take time to appreciate. Longterm, this method can help you to always focus on the positives in every situation.

If you’re into manifesting, this is also a great way to instantly raise your vibration. The universe always wants to give more to people that are grateful for what they already have. Even if you’re not into manifestation, this is still a mood booster.

Here are some examples of things I’m grateful for at this exact moment.

  • Typing this as I sit in a beautiful screened in porch (where no bugs can get me) on a warm summer day.
  • Going to a graduation party and seeing some relatives I haven’t seen in a while.
  • My bagel being toasted to PERFECTION this morning.

These are all things that made me really happy today and if I didn’t take the time to reflect, I probably would not have thought twice about my perfect bagel. I like writing a few things I’m grateful for each day, and on days where I’m in a negative headspace, I make long lists.

“Your grateful heart is a magnet that attracts all that you desire”


This is another manifestation method, and I would recommend doing this one after writing a gratitude list and your energy is very high. Scripting is basically a diary entry from the future, but in present tense. Write as if you have achieved whatever you are trying to manifest, and be as descriptive as possible. You might say:

  • It’s a beautiful July morning and I’m sitting on the balcony of my dream apartment, I have an amazing view of the city skyline. The air smells like rain and I’m sipping on my iced coffee which has the perfect amount of almond milk in it. My new white couch arrived yesterday and matches my apartment’s aesthetic so well.

Pretty descriptive, I know. But you want to try to incorporate all of your senses so that it feels as real as possible. It’s like you can smell the rain, see the view, and really imagine the full picture in your head. This helps your brain to fully imagine that you already have it.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these methods, and which is your favorite. now, get journaling!

with love,

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